I love this movie. I also miss this era of both Burton's and Depp's careers, when it seemed like they were just having fun riffing on things instead of desperately trying to be serious about not taking themselves seriously. » 2/12/15 3:51pm 2/12/15 3:51pm

Huh. I note that no one is mentioning Skyfall. Maybe if the villain wasn't a shallow rip-off of Heath Ledger's Joker, the macguffin a rip-off of the first Mission: Impossible and, quite possibly, if James Bond hadn't acted like a humorless sociopath who lets assassination targets and grown-up child prostitutes get… » 12/10/14 2:49pm 12/10/14 2:49pm

And this is why I hate-hate-hated Skyfall. Everything you said happened, to the T... and then, instead of ACTUALLY SAVING HER, James Bond lets her get shot in the face in a game of William Tell like a naive dipshit, only to complain about the scotch that was wasted in the process. He then proceeds to kick all of their… » 11/08/14 1:15am 11/08/14 1:15am

I actually did this back in high school with Nosferatu: Phantom Der Nacht! Gorgeous movie, but I felt the music was distracting from the mood it was trying to build up, so I tried matching up a lot of music from Bram Stoker's Dracula, Interview With the Vampire, and even a few tracks from the classical-style… » 9/11/14 1:42pm 9/11/14 1:42pm